We are at the cutting edge of surface engineering technology supplying most sectors of industry. We pride ourselves on supplying creative solutions to your surface engineering problems. Kevin Thurlow
Managing Director
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Training Services

At the most fundamental level, training is woven into our sales and service efforts as part of a proactive approach to problem prevention.

This may take the form of bench based training in simple analysis and control, laboratory or plant-based troubleshooting, planning of regular maintenance regimes and preventative maintenance programmes - all of which are supported by the appropriate reinforcement training and skills updates.

We can also tailor-make training programmes to meet specific customer needs and applications of our products. Starting with the identification of the skills and knowledge 'gaps' we will develop the right mix of theoretical and practical training, which can be delivered in our own facilities or on-site. Technical managers, team leaders and operators can all benefit from sharing our knowledge, resources and ideas - and we welcome the exchange of experiences.

Training and development is an integral part of the culture at Lea Manufacturing too.
A passion for quality drives us and ensures that our team are well-equipped to deliver first class solutions and products - and a finish that can't be beaten.


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