Our Abrasive Compounds and related products are used where the requirement is mainly for metal removal, de-burring, flexible fine grinding or satin finishing.

Combining our own specialist manufacturing faciltiies with the skills and knowledge of selected, innovative partners we develop abrasive finishing processes to meet any requirement - from fine deburring and oxide removal, through decorative and satin final finishes, to ideally prepared surfaces for further polishing or super fine finishing.

Our products use high quality FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) or ANSI (American National Standards Institute) graded abrasives, aluminas, silicon carbide or blends, producing uniform, controlled finishes.

Greaseless compounds, graded abrasives held in a glue rather than grease-based binder, combine effective metal removal and a range of satin finishes. Cements and flexible glues are used to bond abrasive grain to buffs and felts - for effective de-burring, flexible grinding, satin finishing and polishing. For ease of application, glues and abrasive can be supplied as pre-blended products.

Lubricants are used with abrasive belts, set-up wheels and flexible grinding products.  They greatly reduce burning and, particularly for materials such as aluminium, back transfer of metal particles onto the grinding belts.  This increases belt life and improves grinding performance.  They are available as solid bars or liquid pastes for application by brush or automatic spray systems.

Take a look at out Greaseless Abrasive Compounds Chart to help you select the right product.

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