Polishing Machines

Automatic polishing machines are best suited to processing high volumes of a relatively small variety of components, as the configuration of the machine must usually be reset for each different part. 

In profile or copy polishing machines, the mop head will accurately present itself to each aspect of the component. This may require several mop heads at different orientations. 
For some more simple shaped components mush polishing techniques may be used.  Here, using slower rotational speeds and larger diameter mops, the component is forced deep into the mop allowing it to wrap around the surfaces to be polished.

In semi-automatic polishing the operator fixes the part to a machine, which then is conveyed along a line or indexes back and forth under a single polishing station allowing the machine to take the load of the part and giving good consistency of finish. This is advantageous where there are large volumes to be polished. 
In Flat Bed semi-automatic machines very large heads of buffs can be built on a station, allowing for wide sheets or multiple parts such as extrusions to be polished at once.

Centreless polishing machines allow a tube or rod to be slowly rotated against a buff station whilst it is being pushed along by an angled feed roller. If several stations are put in line this can become more fully automated.

In fully automatic polishing machines, parts are fixed into jigs which then pass under a series of buff stations before being unloaded. This allows for large volumes of parts to be polished over several stages.  A continuous conveyor line can be operated or a rotary table can be used, the size of the part determining which is most effective. 
The buff stations can be placed at different angles to allow all faces of the part to be polished, allowing highly profiled and irregular shapes to be fully polished. 
Machines can be completely enclosed to minimise noise and dirty polishing residues, with automated loading and unloading stations.


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