Robotic Polishing and Grinding

De-burring, grinding and polishing production process in the finishing industry must meet ever higher expectations of consistent, high precision output.  Flexibility is essential.  From low to high volumes and able to adapt to different component shapes and required finish, such systems must always be cost effective.

Robotic systems are increasingly providing the best solutions to these challenges.  De-burring, grinding and polishing processes may be integrated with mechanical handling for automatic transfer, feeding and gripping, load and unload, tool changing and other related operations.  Robotic cells can be produced as an integral part of existing manufacturing processes, or can be self-contained, closed cells incorporating dust and sound protection, providing compact, flexible solutions. Installation and commissioning times are greatly reduced.

In this particular area we work closely with our technology partner
SHL Automatisierungstechnik, who are specialists in automated surface finishing and are Europe's largest systems house for robotic finishing and machines with tool-guided applications.

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