Barrel Polishing and Finishing

Small and sometimes delicate items such as buttons, spectacle frames, turned engineering parts, costume jewellery, diecastings, plastic toys, electrical fittings and stainless pressings often require a gentler approach to polishing and deburring to ensure both a perfect finish and integrity of product.

In these instances we recommend a finishing process known as barrelling, where a gentler action (in contrast to conventional buffing) is needed to avoid damage or deformation.

Lea Manufacturing's range of tumbling and barrelling media is unrivalled and each product that we bring to market will already have been put to the most rigorous of tests in our own research and development facility. Our products are used in octagonal barrels, rotated to produce a tumbling action. The movement created by this action allows the media (wood or plastic chips coated in fine abrasive) to slide in intimate contact with the components and thereby produce a polished surface.

There is no universal process sequence in barrelling, but we at Lea have got it covered - with a range of materials for each stage and advice on the best methods to utilise.
We can also carry out full-scale trials for our clients, so please ask us if you would like us to help in developing the best barrelling solution for your product.

Barrel Polishing and Finishing Products

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