Solid Compounds

Our Solid Polishing Compounds, sometimes referred to as Bar Compound or Polishing Soaps, cover the full range of polishing applications.  They are manufactured in our Buxton, UK facility, under a rigorous ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management regime.

From high metal removal to mirror polishing, from working on super hard alloys through to precious metals or softer, plastic composite materials, we formulate products for both general, multi-metal use and for highly specialised end user requirements.

The abrasives in our compounds are selected from calcined and fused aluminas, tripolis, emery, pumice, chalks and more, for the right combination of properties. 
Hard to soft, sharp to gentle, coarse to very, very fine, they are chosen to give the precise amount of “Cut and Colour”, stock removal and shine, for any given application.

These abrasives are held in a blend of fats, waxes and oils, generally referred to as  grease, which bind the abrasive to the polishing wheel and provide essential lubrication to the polishing process.  These greases may be derived from natural materials of vegetable or animal origin, or synthetic products based on refined petrochemicals.  The blend of greases and abrasives are combined to produce a compound formulated and manufactured for the application.  This considers the polishing process, equipment, buffs, component material and configuration, end result required, and any additional customer or application specific requirements.

Bars are produced in a range of sizes, shapes and colours.  Classic “8 inch” bars for traditional manual polishing, smaller bars for applications such as precious metal, jewellery and hobby crafts, and larger bars for bar feeders on automatic and robotic polishing systems.

Specific formulations are produced for particular industries, such as no animal derived greases for the medical industry, or clean non-staining “rouge” for precious metal finishing.

Take a look at our Bar Product Selector Chart to help you select the right product.

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