Manual Polishing

Buffs that are used where a human operator is polishing.

Heads are generally small in diameter and width and normally fixed. These are for lower volume processes and for intricate and specialised work.

Sisal Mops

High cut and medium cut mops for all metals, can be treated. Treated mops can increase hardness, reduce fray and wear, and encourage head build.

Sisal Grades
Standard good all round cutting mop with good compound retention
Robust extra firm cutting mop
AA softer, more flexible buff for non ferrous metals

Sisal and Bias Sisal Treatment Guide
Gold light, reducing fray and wear with maximum flexibility
Green medium with some flexibility
Yellow hard for high levels of cut
Blue very hard for maximum cut with little or no profile

Stitched White and Coloured Mops

General purpose polishing normally for non-ferrous metals

Stitched Calico Mops

Used for fast cutting first stage polishing and for greasing. Used for greaseless Lea Compound satin finishing mops. Also dressed to produce scurfs.

Stitched Calico Mops
Aurelia good quality cutting cloth for all metals
LG fine stitched buff
DG general purpose cloth for non ferrous metals and for dressing scurfs and Lea Compound mops

Loosefold Calico Mops

Various grades of high quality material from first stage polishing to final buffing and glossing.

Loosefold Calico Cloths
Bronco very stiff, for first stage polishing where fast cut is required such as exotic metals
Zeta standard first stage polishing or greasing cloth
Delta soft finishing cloth for steel, aluminium
DG medium soft finishing mop for brass and copper alloys, plastics and lacquers
Luxol ultra soft finishing cloth for standard metals
Optal ultra soft finishing cloth for precious metals

Bias Calico Mops

Top Quality long lasting polishing mops with faster cutting bias from heavy duty polishing to mirror finishing. Can be treated for extra hardness and life.

Bias Calico Clothes
Bronco very stiff, for first stage polishing where fast cut is required such as exotic metals
Orion firm material for first stage polishing of metals
No1 standard polishing cloth for all metals
No2 finishing mop for hard metals
No6 fine finishing for soft metals, plastics and lacquers

Bias Calico Treatment Guide
Orange longer life, flexible
Red firmer, fast cutting

LeaWeb Lap Mops

For producing random satin finish and surface cleaning with light metal removal

Leaweb Grades
Coarse ‘A’
Medium ‘ A’ Double Density
Medium ‘A’
Fine ‘A’
Very Fine ‘A’
Medium ‘S’
Fine ‘S’
Ultra Fine ‘S’

Felt Bobs

Normally for dressing or glazing but also used for polishing when a cut profile is required.

Cup Mops

For polishing internal surfaces.

String Mops

Very soft flexible buffs for satin finishing profiled parts.

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